Key Statements

Our Vision Statement

To create a loving and accepting community where imperfect people come together to be transformed by a perfect and loving God, empowered to serve, expand and glorify His Kingdom.

Our Mission Statement

Authentically Loving God, Loving Others, Experiencing New Life.

Our Value Statements

We value Authenticity

The test of a true biblical community is their ability to be real with one another. It’s what sets us apart from the world. We are not like the world. Fake is out and real is in. Which means we will be open about our doubts, hurts, worries, concerns, disagreements, and struggles. Jesus accepts us as we really are and so we’ll be real with Him and with one another.

We value Life Transformation

Jesus loves us right where we are, but He loves us too much to let us stay there. Salvation does not come in response to a changed life, but a changed life does come in response to salvation. Jesus wants to walk with us and change us for the better from the inside out. It may take a lifetime. There will be bumps along the way. We may take more steps backward than forward at times, but our focus will be on progress, not perfection.

We value Christ-Like Character

We are not called to be Christians; we are called to be imitators of Christ. We want to be more like Jesus in everything we do. We want Jesus’ love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. So we will give Jesus the broken parts of ourselves and let Him makes us whole.

We value Purposeful Prayer

That means that we are proactive about it. We don’t just turn to prayer in our time of need. We make it the steering wheel, not the spare tire. Purposeful prayer is intentional. We believe that our prayer life affects our perspective on life, not the other way around. Above all, it is relational. We understand that with every word we speak we are coming closer to the heart of Jesus. So we pray on purpose and for a purpose.

We value Service Over Self

We serve with no strings attached. We don’t care if people know our name, as long as they know Who sent us. We’re not interested in a following or fame. We are interested in meeting the needs of others more than our own. We’re willing to roll up our sleeves, get our hands dirty, develop blisters and scars because it means we have served Jesus by serving one another.

We value Radical Generosity

We know that unless Jesus is Lord of all, He isn’t Lord at all. That means we must make Jesus Lord of even our finances and possessions. We don’t give out of compulsion or coercion; we give out of the generosity of our hearts or to cultivate generosity in our hearts. We don’t just give what feels comfortable. God deserves more than our leftovers. We choose to give when it doesn’t make sense. At the end of the day, we are not possessors of our own wealth, we are stewards of His.

We value Missional Living

Jesus may not call us to the other side of world, but He has called us to the other side of the street. Evangelism and outreach are not for the professional, more serious Christians. We are all called to live on mission. We want to live in such a way that people sense His presence when they are in our presence. Not for our glory, but for His. Not for our benefit, but theirs.

We value Disciple Making

We are disciples in the making, making disciples. On the journey of becoming more like Jesus, we are encouraging, assisting, coaching, and leading others to do the same. What started as a single decision of faith has become a lifetime of faithful decisions. When fellow followers need to be reminded of that, we will be there to come alongside them and help them be more like Jesus.

We value the Community Among Us

Faith was never meant to be done alone. As personal as it is, faith was always meant to be expressed in the context of a greater community. Joys—we share them. Burdens—we bear them. Through life’s ups and downs, hills and valleys, peaks and plateaus, we are grateful to have the love and support of a church family. It’s a family not united by our blood, but by His.

We value the Community Around Us

We are not here by accident. In reaching the world, Jesus has commanded us to reach our small corner of it. We love Wolcott, Red Creek and beyond. We will represent Christ to the people that call these places home. We will pray for them. We will serve them. We will give generously to those who need it most. We will live missionally among them. We will see disciples made, whether or not they become a part of our church. But as Jesus leads them, we will be ready to welcome the community AROUND us into the community AMONG us.

New Life Community Church of the Nazarene
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